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Software & Control Manager

Job ID: FCACN01734
Career Area: Engineering & Design
Job Category: Engineering/Mechanical/Energy.
Location: Jiading, Shanghai
, CN
Date Posted: October 9, 2019
Brand: FCA Group
Job Overview

The Software & Control Manager provides the technical leadership in the specific area for APAC Electrified Propulsion Engineering including any architecture, component and communication architecture/structure.

  1. Provide technical guidance to controls area of the electrified propulsion system organization. This involves defining the software and requirements for systems and all components and driving the organization to come up with multiple solutions to development issues, analyzing these solutions and making decisions on which alternative best meets the requirements.
  2. Review technical documentation including DFMEA’s, DVP&R’s CN’s, eCIMS and HIT issues. Ensure that this documentation is properly updated for each engineering change.   In addition, this requires reviewing the documentation for eCIMS and HIT issues to ensure the 7-D process has been properly followed.  Review and approve these documents.

3 .Ensure that the engineering development processes are followed for each phase.  This includes ensuring that the GPD and CPCP processes are followed.

  1. Direct the team to create the software roll out plan for the development of the powertrain for each application. This is a critical document that defines how the features and function for a given vehicle application. This requires working with the leads from all functional areas to define the plan and gain consensus on its content.  All other functional areas depend on this document to create their respective development plans.  Maintain this plan as a live document as development issues arise and adjustments are necessary. 
  2. Work with the Model Integration Manager to clearly understand the vehicle interfaces and requirements. Develop measurable criteria for each functional objective with the goal of clearly determining pass/fail criteria for each objective. Once defined, disseminate the requirements to all functional areas via the Electrified Powertrain Architecture Team or EPAT.
  3. Own weekly reviews to identify all issues. Create an open issues list according and drive resolution to issues through regular meetings and individual discussions as required.
  4. Work closely with platform and integration managers to ensure seamless execution of given NEV programs and deliver tasks on time and with acceptable quality.

Knowledge: What an employee must know through education, experience or training (accounting principle)


  • Have good knowledge of the function characteristics of electrified propulsion system components and interfaces to other systems.
  • Know the key parameters that can be varied for each software in order to meet higher level system requirements and understand the trade-off analyses that are required to determine the optimum system architecture to meet the vehicle level functional objectives.
  • Understand the engineering development processes required to ensure robust development including both GPD, CPCP and the deliverable specific to Electrified Powertrain development.

Skills/Competencies: What an employee must be able to do (maintain a general ledger)

  • Be able to review any software structure and compare to competitive benchmark data to determine relative performance to the marketplace and use this information to set future targets that are aggressive yet achievable.
  • Be able to use the skill sets of the previous bullet to identify positive trade offs to improve the overall powertrain system.
  • Be able to review technical documentation to determine quality and provide guidance to other team members on how to improve their documents to meet the deliverables of a given program.
  • Be able to lead cross functional teams to find solutions to complex problems and drive component level compromises as required to meet system level objectives.


  • Master degree in Electrical Engineering.
  • A minimum of 12 years of product development experience in the automotive industry
  • Demonstrated technical problem solving
  • Prior management and supervisory experience is required.
  • Strong overall knowledge of vehicle and powertrain functions
  • Outstanding interpersonal and problem solving skills

Outatnding English language communication skills

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