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VPC (Vehicle Preparation Center) Quality Control

Job ID: 9970944
Career Area: Quality
Job Category: Technical Services – Mechanical
Location: Toyohashi, Aichi
, JP
Date Posted: August 7, 2019
Brand: FCA Group
Job Overview
Chances are you already know Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). That is because we have a long history with some of the world’s most famous brands, including the much-loved Jeep family of vehicles and FIAT with enduring popularity. FCA Japan has operations in Tokyo – as part of our extensive presence in the Asia Pacific region. It is in APAC that we are doing some of our most innovative work with hybrid vehicles, autonomous driving, onboard technologies and more.

Department Name: Quality Control Technical Services
Position (Description): VPC Quality Control
Reporting to: Technical Services General Manager
Location: Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan

Make trusty relationship to relevant departments and contractor as well as cooperate with them to ship a high-quality vehicle in a stable production as VPC responsible person. Make good balancing management at a high level to improve quality, delivery time reduction and production cost reduction. Manage the observance of the standard as completion inspection implementation person in charge.

Manage the team with strong leadership to achieve high level objectives and accomplishments.

Main Objectives Importance (%)
1.CI implementation (40%)
2.Quality control and production control (20%)
3.Improvement of business operations (20%)
4.Management of contractors (20%)

Main Job Contents (time frame)
1.Monitoring, measurement of the production (Year-round)
2.Dealing to MLIT audit (Every 2-3 years)
3.Applying & approval of warranty (Year-round)
4.Guidance, supervision and negotiation with contractors (Year-round)
5.Task for quality of transportation (Year-round)
6.Reporting KPI / Quality issues and sending internally & externally including to APAC in Shanghai (Year-round)
7.Production control (Year-round)
8.Task for registration of vehicle(TDS), pre-inspection of vehicle(PHP), parallel registration vehicle (Year-round)
9.Number plate seal management and report to Land Transportation Office (Year-round, 1/month)
10.Task for inventory management, inventorying, maintenance of inventory (1/year, Year-round)
11.Education, quality standard training and develop work standards (Year-round)
12.System management, VPC systems construction and maintenance (Year-round)
13.Visit to dealers and calibration of vehicle quality (anytime)

Minimum Required Conditions & Qualifications
Education: Bachelor of Engineering/Science Technology or equivalent
Experience: more than 5 years in the automotive industry
Qualification: Japanese Automobile mechanic qualifications 2nd grade or above
Knowledge & Skill Set:
-Strong management skills and leadership skills to lead changes /people
 -Experience and knowledge of CIC
 -Knowledge of safety standards, lows and regulations
 -Knowledge of QC management
-Knowledge of QI management, cycle of PDCA
 -Strong communication and negotiation skills
-Basic PC skills enabling documentation of presentation materials Data analysis
 -English Proficiency: Business English level or above
 -Japanese Proficiency: Fluent or Native level

Desirable Conditions
Knowledge of vehicle homologation in automobile importer
ISO9001(Quality management system)
quality control method of domestic vehicle manufacturer

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