Being part of Comau means working in a dynamic environment that is oriented toward innovation and multiculturalism, offers real opportunities for growth, and aims for excellence. Our team looks to the future with enthusiasm and passion and is ready to face new challenges every day.

At Comau, people are valued for the significant difference they can make. That’s why we also encourage individual skills and ambitions by investing in the development of talent and creativity through targeted and specific training programs.


Comau began as the Consorzio Macchine Utensili, created by a group of engineers and companies based in Torino, Italy. From there, our company has experienced a rich and storied history of innovation.

1966: The consortium begins building the landmark Volga Automobile Plant in Russia, with designs and strategies that were unprecedented for the time.

1970: The group returns to Torino to establish the company we now know as Comau.

1980’s: Comau develops the first FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) and technologies for high-speed machining. We expand to the United States as CPS (Comau Productivity Systems), later helping to develop the first laser robots for use in the automotive sector.

1990’s: We open new plants in Europe, South America and Asia, with an eye on Lean production methodologies.

2000: Comau expands into China, Russia and Romania and establishes the Comau Service organization which begins supplying manufacturing services for equipment and production processes.

2010: Comau launches new business lines, continues to create adaptive solutions based on Lean Manufacturing, and expands further into Asia and Europe with several new plants.

TODAY: The concept of HUMANufacturing (Human Manufacturing) captures our innovative vision of the factory of the future: “smart”, flexible, connected, where people are at the center of the production process and their interaction with other elements of the automation process is made efficient and safe by collaborative robots and digital technologies.

Imagination is part of our nature video

Imagination is part of our nature


Comau Academy, The Learning Factory, is where we offer hands-on skills development opportunities to improve production performance. With 40+ years of experience in the global market we are able to play a leadership role in competency development by providing masters degrees, training programs, seminars and publications to companies, professionals and young talents in the areas of:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • People Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Robotics Systems

Thanks to the Comau Academy, we have hired hundreds of people throughout the years. However, the most important achievement is having created a bridge to connect schools and universities to our technical culture.

Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation

Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation video


Comau offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain practical work experience according to their studies. With the support of expert tutors, students can take part in structured projects to explore various business areas. We work closely with Italian and foreign universities and business schools to create programs that enable students to integrate study and work experiences.