Why Choose FCA

Chances are you already know Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). That’s because we have a long history with some of the world’s most famous brands, including the very popular Jeep family of vehicles. Customers across the Asia Pacific region appreciate the strength and longevity of this brand, as well as the advanced technologies we continue to add with each new model.

Of course, we are passionate about all of our brands and do whatever it takes to make sure they evolve to meet expectations and demands. FCA is developing intelligent and innovative technologies that reflect exactly what customers want most, such as:

  • Our semi-autonomous, electric crossover concept car – the Chrysler Portal – which features a passenger intercom system, interior camera, emergency vehicle alert system, facial recognition and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems.
  • The Jeep Yuntu concept vehicle which includes futuristic exterior design, a flexible interior and a plug-in-hybrid powertrain.
  • Hybrid Chrysler Pacifica minivans uniquely designed for Waymo’s driverless ride service.
  • Fourth-generation Uconnect system with 4G LTE connected services, enhanced processing power, multi-touch gestures, smartphone integration and more.
  • Algorithm-driven weight reduction strategies for improved fuel economy.
  • 3-D manufacturing using printed layers of thermoplastics, metals, resin and other materials.
  • Maximizing powertrain efficiency to reduce vehicle emissions across various engine and transmission types.
  • Collaborative robotic solutions and wearable devices for vehicle assembly applications.
  • The use of steel, aluminum, magnesium, TWIP (Twinning-Induced Plasticity) and composite solutions for safety and sustainability.

We’re smart and strategic with our decisions. We learn and adapt every day. We’re nimble in response to change, and purposefully disrupt the status quo. We work with excitement and spirit, with a respect for our heritage and the courage to move forward on the vision we have for tomorrow.

FCA will never stand still and neither will you. The direction and speed at which we’re pursuing the future will create attractive opportunities for decades to come.

A long row of pressure gauges
Two employees planting trees


FCA is committed to investing in our communities to drive meaningful outcomes that improve the quality of life and foster ongoing vitality in the communities in which we live and work.

Employees in India working on a community project


Sustainable development is one of the ways FCA extends its responsibility towards the interest of local communities where we operate. In alignment with this commitment, FCA APAC has actively supported various environmental and community initiatives such as Tree Planting, School Sanitation and Rain Water Harvest programs. All of which have a direct impact on both business continuity and access to certain resources.

Male employee volunteer painting a wall


FCA APAC is committed to investing in our communities in creative and sustainable ways. Through our volunteer program, employees can spend 20 hours of paid time each year serving on their own or alongside their colleagues. Many go above and beyond, supporting causes they are passionate about. FCA APAC employees have participated in several service projects and programs, donating their time, energy and expertise to efforts that reflect FCA’s core values and further positive social change.

Female student with books and laptop in library


Originated in Italy in 1987, the FCA Scholarship Program is a demonstration of our Company’s commitment towards employees and our society’s future. Since its inception in China in 2006, the Program has generated a significant amount of pride in our employees and their families.
Applications are evaluated on a competitive basis, with awards targeted tot students who achieve academic excellence in high school and college.


FCA puts great emphasis on the cultivation of talent. Employees are encouraged to grow their job-specific skills, explore opportunities for cross-functional development, and pursue opportunities for leadership roles and career advancement.

You will be encouraged to define your own path at FCA. You can move laterally or upward, and take on opportunities that may be non-traditional for someone with your background. Every day is a chance to learn more about our business and yourself. Some of the educational and development programs available here include:

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We offer several distinct Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) to nurture the careers of up-and-coming professionals. Cultivating future leadership talent is essential to maintain our position as a best-in-class organization.

Two colleagues sitting on a staircase looking at a tablet device


We enhance employees’ professional skills and improve managers’ leadership through learning journeys that include soft skills, technical and online training, tailored to complement both your development goals and our business strategies. The knowledge you gain through blended learning is further enhanced and reinforced through coaching, networking, and formal on-the-job training.