Pride and passion live at the heart of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Engineering and Design organization. It is here that we set the pace for our entire company by delivering on cutting edge technologies and designs that create exciting and innovative customer driving experiences.

Some of your work will be exploratory in nature, while other projects will find their way into production of our iconic brands. Our goal is to attract more people to our products. Everything you do – and learn – will be leading to the future at FCA.

Significant challenges and opportunities await those who join us at some of the most technically advanced automotive facilities in the world.


Passion and imagination thrive at FCA – where the future begins now.

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Engineer drawing on electronic device

Design Studios

Designers, studio teams and modelers work in collaboration with engineering, brands and planning to produce both production and advanced exterior and/or interior design proposals while demonstrating exceptional design intuition, strong presentation and design communication skills. Design assignments range from complete exterior bodies to highly detailed components such as front/rear end designs, wheels, exterior lighting and graphics/badging. Interior design opportunities will range from complete interior compartments including components such as instrument panels, door panels, center consoles, steering wheels, hard trim, seats gauge clusters and the complete electronic user experience. Together we strive to anticipate the consumer both practical and emotional unmet needs by creating innovative designs that delight our discerning customers. Search Design Studio Jobs

Open workspace with engineers collaborating on projects


FCA has always been known as a grass-roots engineering company, with an elite team of collaborative and creative technical professionals. Working with us provides an atmosphere that encourages you to think bigger and push harder while shaping a new generation of vehicles and world-class powertrain systems from the cornerstones of environmental responsibility, sustainability and affordable mobility. Engineering specialties include:

Advanced Engineering, Base Engineering, Biomechanics, Calibration, Chassis Systems, Connected Services, Controls, Design, Electrical & Electronic, Systems, Human Factors, Hydraulics, Powertrain Propulsion Systems or Propulsion Systems, Software, Structural, Testing and Analysis, Vehicle Evaluations and Virtual Engineering Search Engineering Jobs

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Product planning teams use their creativity and market insights to leverage the emotional appeal of our brands from development through launch. Search Product Planning Jobs

Engineers bench testing automotive components

Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality engineers drive change in our manufacturing environment to ensure component suppliers’ processes are robust and capable. As an engineer at FCA, you will have responsibility for leading all problem solving activities with internal and external organizations, managing the quality and warranty of our supplier locations, and ensuring best practices/ lessons learned are applied across all of our top-rated vehicle programs. Career opportunities include the following:

Body & Exterior, Chassis, Electrical,Engine Systems, Interior, Powertrain, Product Development and Supplier Capacity & Throughput

If you have a sound technical foundation, can identify with customer wants and needs, and want to make an impact in the automotive industry, join us now. Search Supplier Quality Jobs


Regardless of where you work within our Engineering and Design groups, you will:

  • Have the resources to deliver on next-generation vehicles, including the latest in virtual analysis tools.
  • Simulate vehicle performance using state-of-the-art testing facilities and laboratories, as well as FCA Test Track facilities.
  • Work efficiently to provide cars and trucks that meet our customers’ expectations.
  • Explore and pursue alternative solutions including Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Plug-in HEV, Battery Electric Vehicles and other new developments.


Make Your Mark Stories

Gianfranco Laguardia

Jeep Compass EMEA & Alfa Romeo Vehicles Line Planner

I have a technical academic background far from what it concerns automotive knowledge. So when I joined FCA 9 years ago, I had no idea about what the complexity of developing a new car meant or that I would be joining such a fast-moving world.

Well, I believe the most successful achievement of my career has been to improve my professional expertise and my automotive industry knowledge starting from a clean sheet day by day by being fascinated with every new challenge I face during my work path.

Guys, do not be afraid of joining FCA: it gives you the opportunity to expand your know-how, to acquire professional skills (even academic ones: I’ve been given the possibility to achieve 2 PhD Studies while working), to face yourself up with new skills – the potential is almost unlimited!

I have started my Company story by being a designer for Alfa Romeo Giorgio project. Then I moved to a Project Management position by ending up with managing timing and costs of Jeep Compass production and all Alfa Romeo vehicles. Destiny brought me back to origins (Alfa Romeo), but from another point of perspective: it is impossible to describe how amazing is understanding what’s behind a new car development until you are in it.

You have the opportunity to create your history… and make FCA’s one as well.

Challenge yourself, expand yourself.

Filippo Tremamundo

Global Benchmarking Governance Manager

I took a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at Politecnico of Turin and after a couple of jobs in different companies and industries, I had the chance to attend a very long selection at FCA.

Now I’ve been working for FCA for 6 years in the Product Development department.

Let me give you three strategic examples of what the global teams I’ve led have delivered in this complex working environment: First, a continuous organizational culture review to be customer-oriented in the daily activities.

Second, a strong support to the programs aimed to tackle and reset the industrial debt. No day without a multicultural exchange across-the-world about technical and commercial cost-effective decisions for our cars.

Third, the launch of a Benchmarking team connected in Italy, US, Brazil, China and India to support the new vehicles development, according to the best-in-class technical solution and competitors analysis.

This is belonging, passion, but also awareness of being part of an innovation team – where new ideas and answers are found by means of the lateral thinking.

If you are curious, meticulous and ready to travel, why don’t apply?

Ah Young Min

Senior interior Designer

I am a senior interior designer in Maserati and I have been working as a leading design projects for four and a half years in Centro Stile, Officina 83 in Turin, Italy.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and so far I have lived in four different cities: Seoul, Paris, Tokyo and Turin.

I have experienced many different cultures and every experience in each country gave me so much inspiration and understanding about diversity.

I started to design clothes when I was eight years old, dreaming to be a fashion designer living in Milan. Instead, now I am a car designer mixing fashion with high performance in Turin. Before I started my career in 2006, I tried various jobs in the fashion industry as a co-producer, promoter, and even model to explore and search for inspirations.

I joined FCA in January 2015. This is the third automotive company I have worked for after Nissan/Infiniti and GM. Joining FCA was a great opportunity since I have a big passion about the brand I work for and I knew I could positively contribute to the Company with my international approach.

When I have to describe by work in FCA, I usually use the sentence “From a single drawing to a car”; indeed I sketch both by hand and on computer, studying trends and competitors and working hard with digital and physical modelers, engineers and suppliers. All together, we work through many complex steps and presentations in order to develop our projects.

The most exciting part of my work is the “C & C”, which stands for Creation and Collaboration.

For me, it is always a pleasure to create and develop a design with my colleagues, who are very passionate and professional. We take our initial idea sketch and grow stronger and stronger with our various perspectives. After all my experiences in the car industry, even if it sounds obvious, I realized that a single person can’t make a car on his own. It is all about teamwork.

I work daily in order to maximize the potential of the product, not only by designing beautiful cars, but also by defining the correct products for the future global market.

To me FCA name means a strong and incredibly important reality, where we stand together to share our passion and to lead each other to common exciting goals.

If I have to describe FCA in three words, I feel to say “Incredibly high potential”: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is made up of a historical and cultural connection, which has incredibly high potential in the global market. The Company has strong power to develop future products in all segments with competitive technology in the various global markets. We can create the best product in any segment with our technology and design blended beautifully with our brands’ deep heritage.