Purchasing &
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Careers

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management are aligned to support the overall success of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and our product lines. We are a highly motivated global team, accountable for delivering high quality, competitive and innovative solutions with our internal and external partners.

Our network of highly skilled professionals operate in a variety of functions and locations across our corporate footprint to produce and deliver exciting, high-quality vehicles for the global market. Explore Purchasing and Supply Chain Management careers at FCA.

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Purchasing leverages $80 billion globally in purchased parts and services to bring the most exciting, stylish, innovative and high-performing features and components to our award-winning vehicles. The contracts we negotiate involve complex commodities, close collaboration with supplier partners and colleagues, and the flexibility to adapt when needed.

Working in Purchasing at FCA offers a fast-paced environment where you can leverage your strategic planning skills and develop new competencies critical to success in our agile organization. Career opportunities can include:

Buying – Body & Raw Materials, Interior & Electrical, Chassis & Engine Systems, Powertrain, Mopar and CAPEX & Services; Global Process Methods & Program Management; Process; Product Development Purchasing; Supplier Relations & Risk Management Search Purchasing Jobs

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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management is composed of seven interdependent departments with responsibility for the planning and logistics behind every component of our products, as well as the delivery of our products to our dealers and customers. This is an action-based career area within a high-energy environment with ongoing challenges and opportunities for growth.

Here, we rely on your ideas for new ways to improve processes, strategically source services, control expenses, increase productivity, elevate service to our dealers, and further our competitive advantage in the industry. There are many SCM roles where you can have a tremendous impact on our success, such as:

Demand Planning, Distribution and Transportation, Domestic and International Sales Forecasting, International Customs, Production Ordering and Scheduling, Production Planning, Supplier Delivery Risk Management Search Supply Chain Management (SCM) Jobs

Make Your Mark Stories

Juan Dario Rossetti

Supplier Quality & SIM Manager

The most exciting part of my work is when suppliers can improve their performance after coordinating integration actions with FCA or other suppliers (such as benchmarking or kaizen weeks) where complex problems are solved using simple ideas of the entire team, connecting people from different fields and focusing them on the same target.