Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is a company of leaders. Our environment will inspire – and empower – you to become your best. You’ll have the chance to prove yourself right from the start, with visibility at the leadership level. You’ll also enjoy the freedom to think for yourself and share your ideas. If you’re ready to make a statement with your work from day one, FCA is where you can do it.


Are you about to complete your studies? Ready to put your skills to the test? Are you a motivated, passionate student with a strong interest in the automotive sector? If so, you have come to the right place!

FCA EMEA offers internships and project opportunities oriented toward completing your thesis. You will gain work experience correlated to your area of study, working alongside an expert tutor and participating in projects structured around your academic goals and interests. Our goal is to ensure you get the support you need to contribute to building a strong team. Thus, you will receive dedicated guidance throughout your internship.

An internship or placement experience with one of the companies in our Group could prove to be the ideal introduction to the challenges and opportunities of the workplace. FCA offers a wide range of training and professional development opportunities in Sales & Marketing, Finance, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Engineering/Design and Manufacturing.

To apply for an internship in EMEA, write to us at stagefca@fcagroup.com and include a copy of your CV.

Camilla Rostagno


Corporate Leadership Development Program Participant

My journey in FCA began with an internship in the Lancia and Abarth Marketing team (Italian Market). It was a very immersive experience: for almost one year I supported all kinds of Communication activities, from the organization of events to the update of the websites. I remember the first time I saw on TV one of our commercials – I was super excited, I couldn’t believe something I had worked on was right there, on the screen of my TV! I loved every minute I spent there, so when I was offered a position in Commercial Training, I had no doubt FCA was the right place for me. During my time there, I participated in the organization of a central training event for the launch of Jeep Compass – introducing the model to dealers coming from the whole EMEA Region was a privilege and an adventure.

My professional life completely changed when I was selected for the Corporate Leadership Development (CLD) Program. I got the chance to deal with many areas, some of which are very different from the ones I worked in before, and understand the processes ruling over them. We also work in cross-functional special projects and participate in specific leadership and technical trainings.

I like sharing my experience because I think it is an example of how many opportunities FCA offers for young people driven by passion, commitment and enthusiasm.


If you are a recent graduate, consider yourself dynamic and determined, have a strong interest in the automotive world, and would like to join us in pursuing excellence, FCA represents an outstanding career opportunity.

Joining us will provide you with immediate opportunities to achieve professional growth and gain experience with an international dimension. You will also get the support you need to contribute to building a strong team with guidance from dedicated mentors and leaders.

FCA offers a wide range of training and professional development opportunities in Sales & Marketing, Finance, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Engineering/Design and Manufacturing.


We offer several opportunities designed to grow and develop the next generation of aspiring leaders at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Our Leadership Development Programs are highly selective, ensuring that we have smart, nimble, creative and motivated professionals who are preparing for an exciting future with us.


As part of the Internal Audit team, CLD participants work on cross-functional audit projects focused on analyzing business processes, conducting field work, analyzing data, and presenting their findings to the executive management team. Projects will vary across functional areas and can range from Manufacturing and Supply Chain to Compliance and Sarbanes-Oxley.

You will have the ability to strengthen your project leadership skills, as well as complete a behavioral and development assessment, participate in leadership enrichment classes, and receive executive mentoring and program coaching. Upon completion, CLD graduates are equipped with an extensive professional network and strong business foundation necessary for future success.


  • MBA or a Master’s degree (various majors)
  • From 2 to 6 years of professional work experience
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to excel in a fast-paced team environment
  • Proven ability to deal with ambiguity
  • Advanced technical, quantitative and communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Willingness to travel (local and international)



Corporate Leadership Development Program Participant

I remember the day when my coach in University proposed to me the opportunity of doing my graduation thesis at FCA. I was grateful for that chance because I grew up in a family of mechanics very proud of FIAT cars, which have been our only family cars!

It is surprising the passion that you can perceive right from the first entry into the company. Here, people are motivated, passionate and believe that together we are stronger and we can get great results. One of the most important things that I have learned in FCA is that nothing is left to chance. We don’t rely on luck, we simply always do our absolute best. Here I feel I am making a difference and that my contribution is important.

This is my third year at FCA. I started in Powertrain Manufacturing Engineering and now I’m a Corporate Leadership Development (CLD) program participant. As part of the program, I have the opportunity to discover the company in all its business processes. In these years, I have worked with several departments and met many colleagues coming from different countries, background and roles; all of them with a feature in common: the great passion for what we do!



Corporate Leadership Development Program Participant

“Why FCA?” – My grandfather had a shining Fiat 128 and when I was a child I was eager to drive it, but this is a different story.

My experience in FCA started in 2015 at the Business Center in Italy in Logistics and Sales Planning department. After a couple of years, I was asked: “Do you want to get to know Company processes better and work on their improvement? Experiencing things like traveling, meeting colleagues from other FCA national sales companies and regions?” – I replied: “Let’s do it!”. So I was offered the opportunity to join the Corporate Leadership Development (CLD) program. I had the opportunity to know Brigitte from Paris, Leticia from Sau Paulo, Carlos from Detroit and other colleagues from the FCA family, all experienced in their jobs and enthusiastic, like me. Today I am feeling broad minded and part of something big.


The FCA Master in Business Administration offers theoretical curriculum developed by University of Turin, supported by case studies and practical work assignments from FCA managers and trainers (case studies and practical work).

Employees can develop a dynamic set of economic, financial, marketing and project management skills, knowledge and tools. The goal is to enable successful performance in a highly competitive global environment.


  • The 18-month course is delivered in English and designed for graduate professionals working in various FCA functions throughout the EMEA region.


FCA and Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) promote this second level Master’s degree specializing in Electrified and Connected Vehicles. We recognize that these elements play an important role in vehicle development and production, and encourage employees to develop and improve their knowledge of these technologies. This program represents an important investment in specific skills designed to face the new automotive challenges.

Selected candidates will develop a highly specialized body of knowledge by attending Master’s classes and working with experts in the field. Participants will also have significant opportunities for real professional development through high level training and concrete work experience.


  • The two-year course is designed for graduates in Engineering, in collaboration with Turin Politecnico.