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Professional Maintenance Specialist (PMS) Paint

Job ID: 1035762
Career Area: Manufacturing & Production
Job Category: Manufacturing-Maintenance
Location: Toluca, México
50000, MX
Date Posted: March 15, 2019
Brand: FCA Group
Job Overview
To manage the know how of the technology he will be responsible. Assure spare parts and maintenance procedures and planning to support SQDCME targets accomplishment through WCM methodology.
He uses TMS (Total Maintenance System) to be able to plan and schedule the PM activities.
He manages and ensures the correct technical documentation of the equipment.
He monitors the warranty period of the systems / equipment, to request the free service maintenance on the part of the tool \ equipment from the suppliers.
He provides a detailed analysis of performance indicators (OLE / OEE / MTBF / MTTR) and verify that they are developed with adequate recovery plans.
Develop SMP (Standard Maintenance Procedures) and OPL (One Point Lessons) regarding the tools and the cycles according to possible repairment, replacement, testing, etc., as well as the operating frequency.
He collaborates with suppliers of equipment and production engineering.
Management of contractors regarding his specialty.
Check and ensure that the cycles (maintenance, technical cleaning) are developed in compliance with the Quality Maintenance Methodology.
He defines the calibration frequency of the equipment.
He defines the standard cleaning cycles of the equipment.
He oversees the basic condition for the maintenance / technical cleaning.
He supports the maintenance leader in training of maintenance workers and conductors (radar chart maintenance, SMP, OPL) relative to existing tools and those to be developed.
He manage all the necessary preventive measures to avoid polluting material losses, emissions management, hazardous waste, water waste, noise.
Check the energy consumption of the plant and develops improvement projects to optimize consumption and eliminate losses.
He explores energy issues by developing the Energy CD.
He ensure the methodology of EEM during the construction of new equipment by integrating the technical specifications in the MP Info (Maintenance Prevention Information).
He ensures that during the implementation phase of new machines the checklists of EEM are well applied.

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