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High Voltage Development and System Validation Engineer

Job ID: 1037375
Career Area: Engineering & Design
Job Category: Product Design & Engineering-Powertrain
Location: Auburn Hills, MI
48326, US
Date Posted: August 15, 2019
Brand: FCA Group

Job Overview

The High Voltage Development and System Validation Engineer’s job responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Participate in and support DFMEA development
  • Develop function DVP&R based on the below documents related to a specific program
    • AFOD: Attribute Functional Objective Document
    • VF: Vehicle Function Documents
    • CFTS: Component Functional Technical Specification
    • PF: Performance standard
    • SSTS: Subsystem Technical Specification
    • eSTR: Electrified System Technical Requirements
    • CFOs: Powertrain Core Functional Objectives
    • DFMEA: Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis
    • DTC: Diagnostics Trouble Codes
    • Lessons Learned
  • Ensure all developed DVPs are reviewed and approved with the requirements and/or vehicle teams
  • Develop and document DTC test procedures
  • Execute all DVPs assigned to you within the allotted program timing
  • Ensure all test properties are scheduled, built, and commissioned to meet DVP test timing
    • Alert program management if timing discrepancies arise; escalate recovery actions as needed
    • Schedule static cells, drive cells, and other laboratories for testing
    • Ensure shared vehicles are scheduled to meet timing
    • Support dyno and bench (HV, LV, and thermal) commissioning
    • Coordinate and support DRE’s to obtain unique test parts
    • Ensure secondary equipment (control boxes, data loggers, wiring, etc.) are ordered and available on time
  • Support lead DVE for all program specific activities
  • Regularly report out testing status
  • Communicate DVP test failures and concerns to the Lead DVE, DRE, SW and/or calibration engineers, with documentation and data (CAN and INCA logs)
    • Report failures and issues using FCA reporting methods (PITS, GIMS)
    • Support the list of CRs, PITS, and GIMS that are reported and resolved through the HMS and chief engineering meetings
    • Follow up on the issues with the owners to ensure closure
    • Provide any additional data requested by the DREs or issue owners
  • Compile all the DVP&R documents into a combined ‘glide path’ document
  • Establish timing, track progress and document all test activities in the glide path
  • Maintain documentation traceability (origin of requirements through DVP&R, through test report, through data)
  • Perform preliminary assessments of the CAN database, .a2l file, and calibration parameters to confirm signal names, stress parameters, and monitoring parameters for all system testing to be performed
  • Cross-check these variables with those identified in the VF, CFTS, DFMEA, and/or other system DVP&Rs
  • Support all efforts to address RCA and PCA
  • Generate and document new test methods and procedures to support product development and system behavior investigations
  • Document and update all DVPs with procedural and criteria corrections, clarifications, enhancements, and lessons learned



Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Physics or a related engineering field from an ABET accredited university
  • Minimum 2 years of engineering experience
  • Experience in high voltage electrical systems/components
  • Experience in automotive/industrial electronics
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment
  • Strong verbal/written communication skills
  • Experience in using INCA, MATLAB, CANalyzer or CANoe

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master of Science in Applied Physics, Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Engineering, or related engineering field from an ABET accredited university
  • Experience in program/project management or as a lead engineer
  • Hybrid or EV development powertrain experience/ exposure or training
  • Basic knowledge of FCA Global Powertrain Development Process (GPD) or similar automotive/aerospace program management processes
  • Working experience with Microsoft Office applications
  • Experience using Visio



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