Why Choose Teksid

Teksid is a global leader in iron and aluminum castings production. We use the most advanced technologies for production of cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and other components for the automotive sector. We work all together every day to reach our objective: to be best in class.


A Teksid career experience means:

  • having the chance to be part of an international group
  • exploring opportunities with plants in Europe, Asia, Central and South America
  • working in a multicultural environment
  • being part of a community where sustainability, innovation, high quality, and continuous improvement of processes and products are the key initiatives


Teksid’s position as a world leader is built on long-standing experience, cutting-edge automation and continuous updating of technologies. High quality standards and close collaboration and integration with the product development activities of our customers are major competitive advantages for the company.

  • Teksid Iron, behind which there is a century-long tradition and experience, produces iron parts for engines and suspensions, and other components for the automotive and industrial vehicle sector.
  • ​​​Teksid Aluminum, with its well-known expertise and proactive approach to co-designing, simultaneous engineering and product development, produces aluminum engine parts.


  • Customer Service
  • Product Co-Design
  • Safety & Sustainability of our Plants